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Chopped S21E05

Game Show | Reality ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-09-16 | Last Post : 4 days ago

Passion and expertise rule the kitchen on the fast-paced new series, Chopped. Hosted by Ted Allen (Food Detectives), the series challenges four up-and-coming chefs to turn a selection of everyday ingredients into an extraordinary three-course meal. After each course, a contestant gets "chopped" until the last man or woman left standing cl.. more

Vacation House for Free S01E06

Home and Garden | Reality | Travel ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-09-14 | Last Post : 4 days ago

Matt Blashaw realizes couples' wishes to own a vacation home mortgage free. The secret? He helps them shop for and renovate a "diamond in the rough" home in their dream location to command top dollar as a vacation rental. The end result? The couple rents out the renovated home for maximum income part of the year, covering all their annual.. more

Top Chef Duels S01E06

Reality ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-09-10 | Last Post : 4 days ago

In each episode, two chefs will face-off in three rounds of head-to-head battles testing their skill, creativity and speed. Rivalries will be intensified as Top Chef Duels ups the ante and allows the competing chefs to each pick one mini-duel based on the other?s perceived weaknesses in the kitchen. The third and final challenge of each episode wil.. more

The First 48 S14E12

Reality ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-09-18 | Last Post : 4 days ago

The First 48 follows detectives from around the country during these first critical hours as they race against time to find the suspect. Gritty and fast-paced, it takes viewers behind the scenes of real-life investigations with unprecedented access to crime scenes, autopsies, forensic processing, and interrogations.

Virgin Territory S01E08

Reality ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-09-03 | Last Post : 4 days ago

Virgin Territory follows the lives of fifteen young adults, all of whom are trying to maneuver the often tricky world of virginity. Messy love lives, awkward parental sex talks, sexually active friends, and the pressure to give in to their temptations ? all can make for a very tumultuous journey for these abstinent adolescents. Each hour long episo.. more

Ridiculousness S05E12

Reality ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-09-25 | Last Post : 4 days ago

"Ridiculousness" features Rob Dyrdek's unique take on some of today's funniest amateur viral videos and builds them into episodes of edgy, funny and timeless television. Each episode features Rob's unique style and infectious energy as he breaks down amusing web clips by putting them in segments such as "Redneck Good Times," &qu.. more

Tricked S02E01

Reality | Suspense ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-09-23 | Last Post : 4 days ago

Tricked is a brand new magic show with a difference. Magician Ben Hanlin is about to conjure up some mischief, as unsuspecting celebrities and members of the public alike get tricked by his own special brand of hidden camera magic. Ben?s irreverent brand of undercover magic is set to shock, amaze and astound as unwitting contributors get their wo.. more

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills S02E07

Reality ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-09-07 | Last Post : 4 days ago

The series follows the extravagant lifestyles of an exclusive clique of friends who have gained internet celebrity by documenting their fabuluxe daily happenings on social media.

Steve Austin\'s Broken Skull Challenge S01E09

Game Show | Reality ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-08-31 | Last Post : 4 days ago

Hall of Fame professional wrestler Steve Austin invites eight elite athletes to his ranch each week to compete in head-to-head battles until only one is left standing. That man or woman then takes on Steve's personal obstacle course, the Skullbuster, for a chance to win $10,000.

No Limits S01E14

Action | Documentary | Reality | Travel ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-07-25 | Last Post : 4 days ago

Jersey Belle S01E08

Reality ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-09-22 | Last Post : 4 days ago

The new docu-series Jersey Belle follows outspoken New Jersey native and entertainment publicist Jaime Primak Sullivan as she navigates life in the upscale Southern suburb of Mountain Brook, Alabama. Jaime?s life was turned upside down after she married Michael Sullivan, Mountain Brook?s "most eligible bachelor." Surrounded by a fabulous .. more

Mystery Diners S07E08

Reality ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-09-17 | Last Post : 4 days ago

What happens in the food world when a bad employee starts to take down an otherwise thriving establishment or when restaurant owners suspect someone of not doing their job appropriately? They call in the Mystery Diners. These undercover operatives go into restaurants, bars and food service establishments with hidden cameras to find out what's reall.. more

My 600-lb Life S02E08

Documentary | Reality ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-02-25 | Last Post : 4 days ago

TLC's My 600-lb Life documents the seven-year journey four individuals undertake to escape obesity and regain control of their lives.

Motor City Masters S01E10

Reality ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-08-26 | Last Post : 4 days ago

Car designers test their limits and creativity in a competition.

Long Island Medium S06E07

Reality ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-09-07 | Last Post : 4 days ago

LONG ISLAND MEDIUM is a new series that follows real-life psychic medium Theresa Caputo as she takes clients on an emotional and spiritual journey with the afterlife. As a psychic medium, Theresa has an ability that most people can't comprehend. She spends her days helping individuals find closure and connects people to their loved ones who have pa.. more

Kim of Queens S01E11

Documentary | Reality ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-03-25 | Last Post : 4 days ago

Kim Gravel, one of the country?s most successful and outspoken pageant coaches, is on a mission to find diamonds in the rough and transform them into confident young women in this all-new docuseries. Along with the help of her mother Jo and sister Allisyn, Kim lives to polish local girls into future leaders, able to take the crown and rule the wor.. more

Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project S01E07

Reality ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-08-27 | Last Post : 4 days ago

Millions of people watch shows like "American Idol" and "The Voice" and think they know how the music industry works. But discovering talent is only a fraction of the work. The real challenge is taking that talent and molding it into something special. Linda Perry has spent the last decade doing just that. She has written some o.. more

Love Prison S01E01

Reality ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-09-08 | Last Post : 4 days ago

Love Prison is a reality series that documents couples who are dating online, but have yet to meet in person. These couples have agreed to take their relationship to the next level and meet face-to-face while living in a house on a deserted island for one week. These couples will have plenty of time to get to know one another when they are stripped.. more

Girlfriend Intervention S01E02

Reality ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-09-03 | Last Post : 4 days ago

Girlfriend Intervention stars four wise, poised and stylish African American women, who, in each episode, help a white sister seeking a complete makeover to restore her confidence and inner glow. Making over their wardrobes, beauty routines, homes and minds, they teach these women how to embrace and celebrate their lives, speak their mind, lighten .. more

Game of Crowns S01E09

Documentary | Reality ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-08-31 | Last Post : 5 days ago

This docu-series follows six pageant wives competing on the "Mrs." circuit whose lives revolve around glamour, perfection and winning at any cost. The cast includes Shelley Carbone, Lynne Diamante, Leha Guilmette, Lori-Ann Marchese, Susanna Paliotta, and Vanassa Sebastian. From trophy wives to pageant moms, these ultra-competitive ladies .. more

Frankenfood S01E10

Reality ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-08-03 | Last Post : 5 days ago

Amateur chefs will step up to the plate, literally, to prove their dish is the best new "Frankenfood," a revolutionary creation that mixes outrageous and unexpected ingredients in delicious and unique flavors. From a triple-decker pastrami donut sandwich to fried PB&J fish sticks and Gyro egg rolls to a cheesecake burger, the food cr.. more

Knife Fight S02E22

Reality ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-09-16 | Last Post : 5 days ago

Don't worry, this show isn't as violent as the title makes it appear. These ``knife fights'' take place after hours in the kitchen of The Gorbals, a downtown Los Angeles restaurant owned by show host and former ``Top Chef'' winner Ilan Hall. Each episode features two culinary battles -- billed as the undercard and the title bout -- with each pittin.. more

Eating America With Anthony Anderson S01E08

Reality | Special Interest ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-09-15 | Last Post : 5 days ago

Anthony Anderson is on a mission to discover what's truly at the heart of America ? one food festival at a time. Anthony will travel to the most colorful and delicious festivals in America, tasting everything from classic interpretations to surprising twists. He'll also meet the amazing characters devoted to these regional favorites and follow some.. more

Extreme Builds S01E07

Home and Garden | Reality ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-09-13 | Last Post : 5 days ago

Nine families face the trails and tribulations of building their dream homes.

The Ultimate Fighter S20E03

Reality ... Add to watchlist | Aired : 2014-09-24 | Last Post : 5 days ago

Sixteen aspiring mixed martial artists live together, train together and compete against each other to become the Ultimate Fighter. They receive coaching from UFC champions and contenders in a variety of martial arts including wrestling, boxing, judo, Jiu-Jitsu, karate and kickboxing. The winner receives a six-figure contract from the UFC.