WWE Monday Night RAW NZB

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Considered by many to be the dominant brand in World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE RAW features some of the biggest and baddest Superstars. With wrestlers like John Cena and Randy Orton, along with Divas like Melina and Kelly Kelly, RAW is the "red"-hot brand for the WWE. The show has gone through three minor name changes. First was "Monday Night Raw" followed by "Raw Is War" and, lastly, following the terrorist attacks on the USA on September 11th 2001, simply "RAW" to move the reference to war. The show was conceived in late 1992 when it was discovered that rival company WCW was taking in decent numbers with it's live weekend programming. WWE Chairman Vincent Kennedy McMahon originally wanted the show on either CBS or FOX on a Wednesday. But after agreements broke down between both networks, the decision was made to replace the 2-hour Monday night show on USA called "Prime Time Wrestli...

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